Kutafin University Law Review

In issue 1 on 2015 year

A Step for Cooperation or Disintegration? The Independence Referendum as a Page in Anglo-Scottish Story

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Author: Baatr Borkaev

Rubric: FORUM

Annotation: ‘The Scottish independence referendum of September 2014: Constitutional and International Aspects’ by professor Alyson JK Bailes published in the fi rst issue of the Kutafi n University Law Review was one of the fi rst articles about the Scottish referendum of 2014, published in Russia. The result of the referendum was negative in terms of pro-independence. This review is devoted to the main aspects of the article: historical background, the referendum process, international issues. The aim of this review is not to criticize the article but to identify strengths useful for the further research. The reader of review can see positive and negative points of the article.

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Keywords: Devolution, Scotland, Scottish referendum, independence, European regions, multilayered state