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The discussion of critical school of thought in international law holds a prominent place in the suggested issue of Kutafin University Law Review. Professor Martti Koskenniemi — the world-famous specialist and recognized authority in the field of international public law — gave the opening speech. Professor Koskenniemi being once the member of the UNO International Law Commission made a report about fragmentation of international law which became one of the most cited works in international law. Martti Koskenniemi is one of the brightest representatives of the critical school of legal thought. The reader will undoubtedly find interest in the articles of scientists, who followed and criticized Martti Koskenniemi. The section of Law and Economics contains interesting observations in complex questions of harmonization of law and economics. The traditional headings are Regional Integration, International Arbitration, Law Revolution. In this issue you will find a review of the finest sessions of the IV Moscow Legal Forum and the VII St. Petersburg Legal Forum. We hope that the suggested issue provides an interesting and manysided overlook of modern international law and the most important current legal problems.
Thank you for your interest in the KULawR — we are looking forward to continuing our tradition of providing a high-quality resource to the legal community.

Olga A. Shevchenko,
Paul A. Kalinichenko

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